“Body fat is not to be shamed but understood.”

The Archetype Diet

Putting self-worth at the center of the weight loss conversation is eye-opening. This book is a must-read for any woman struggling with her body image. Learn how to value yourself and your body through Dana's soulful wisdom and guidance.

— Gabby Bernstein, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back
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“Archetypes are there to heal; to reprogram the subconscious and unlock the mystery of the feminine.”

I’m so excited for all the women who will read The Archetype Diet and say to themselves, “Finally, someone understands me!” Dana empowers women to see and accept themselves for who they are through psychology and nutrition. And now you have access to this brilliant guidance in her much-needed first book. It will certainly change the way you look at yourself and dieting forever!

— Vincent Pedre, MD, gut guru and bestselling author of Happy Gut: The Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate Pain

Find Your Archetype

The Archetype Diet helps decode a woman’s physical body. It explains which hormones cause you to store body fat on your belly, thighs and hips, and what to eat to change it. But The Archetype Diet goes far beyond the physical body and delves into the mind of a woman. After hearing the stories from over three thousand women, Dana James, a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavioral therapist, correlated thought patterns to a physical body shape. She identified that where a woman sources her self-worth from shapes her behaviors, including her eating behaviors, which ultimately changes the hormones in the body.

For instance, if you need a glass of wine to wind down most evenings, you’re probably a Wonder Woman, who sources her self-worth from achievement and recognition and this gives you permission to switch off.

If you find yourself comfort eating or secret eating, then you’re probably a Nurturer, who sources her self-worth from always being there for others but this comes at a cost to you. You often de-prioritize your own needs in favor of others and you’ll eat this way because you’re exhausted and no-one is taking care of you.

If you’re scared to gain weight or that you’ll never lose the weight you’ve gained, then you’re likely to be a Femme Fatale who sources her self-worth from her physical body and you’ll find yourself constantly on a diet because you believe that a leaner body is better. It’s not but that’s your belief.

If you’re highly sensitive to emotions – your and other people’s – then you’re probably an Ethereal, who sources her self-worth from being intuitive and different but this can feel lonely and like no-one understands you. You’ll often eat chocolate and grain bowls to numb this sensitivity because you don’t know how else not to feel.

The Archetype Diet shows you how to break these behaviors and limiting mind beliefs through 6-R-mind reprogramming process. It also has four meal plans for each of the archetypes to reshape their body based on their beliefs and hormonal imbalances. This is a rare book that merges food, body and mind together and is a must read for every woman who has struggled on a diet or feels ashamed to even be on one.

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What’s your female archetype?

Are you a Wonder Woman, Femme Fatale, Ethereal or Nurturer?

Discover your strengths, vulnerabilities, subconscious behaviors and your rebalancing tools.