Female Archetype Quiz

If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt not good enough - not pretty enough, not successful enough, not unique enough or that you didn’t do enough - the female archetypes can help you.

Find Your Archetype

Which woman are you?

The female archetypes help you understand yourself more. They explain the “why” behind your subconscious thoughts and behaviors. The archetypes are not designed to label you but to offer a framework of patterns which show up in your relationships, including to yourself and to food. Once you discover your female archetype, you’ll have the blueprint for bringing your mind and body back into harmony.

The female archetypes are not based education levels, birth date, socioeconomic background or whether your parents love you or not. Instead, they are based on where you source your self-worth from – success, physical appearance, giving to others, or being different.

If you were raised to believe you are worthy because of something you do – being smart, being pretty, being helpful or being different – then you’ll be vulnerable to people not seeing or acknowledging these attributes within you. You’ll subconsciously seek out behaviors which make you feel more successful, more pretty, more giving or more unique. Over the years, these repetitive patterns can adversely change your biochemistry and physical appearance.

For instance, if you’re the Wonder Woman archetype you’ll pursue success and recognition. When you’re overworked, which will be often, you might mindlessly throw back a glass of wine or eat dark chocolate. This overwork will cause your cortisol to go unchecked eventually leading to fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and a layer of stubborn fat on your waist. While you can alter these food behaviors by meditating, calling friends, taking a walk or watching a film, these are surface changes. Until you reprocess the belief that your sense-of-self is not based on achievement and success, this exhaustion and mind fatigue will remain present in your life. The good news is, YOU have the power and ability to change this. The archetype model can provide you with the blueprint.

Each archetype is a unique vortex of positive and shadow qualities.

You will fall somewhere on the spectrum.

At the crown, you will feel very balanced. At the base, you will feel depleted and woefully out-of-balance. Your journey is to deconstruct the shadow side of your archetype and rise to the crown. During this process, you will layer in the positive attributes of the other archetypes to become a complete woman.

The positive attributes of all four archetypes may resonate with you because it is the personification of these energies which makes you a complete woman. However, it is in the shadow side of your archetype which will determine your archetype. The shadow side produces your coping mechanisms and vulnerabilities. It is these behaviors and thoughts that we want to reinterpret and reimagine. This enables you to reach the crown.

Take the archetype quiz to find out who you are.