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Which woman are you?

The female archetypes give insight into your instinctual behavior. Much like a horoscope, they provide a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help you better understand your inner mind. When you keep repeating the same behaviors, your subconscious mind is at play. Freud calls this “repetitive compulsion”.  These patterns will show up in your relationships, including that to food.

Once you discover your female archetype, you’ll have the blueprint for bringing your body and mind back into balance. You’ll know what to eat for you and why the subtle differences in diet matter. It’s not paleo, vegan or any other labelled diet. It’s for your unique biochemistry driven by your thoughts and behaviors.

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What we think dictates our behaviors and our physical body.

The female archetypes are not based on birth date, socioeconomic background, education levels or whether your parents love you or not. Instead, they are based on where you source your self-worth from – either success and achievement, physical appearance, giving to others, or intuition.

When your value is based on an externality, your self-worth rises and falls depending on who else is in the room. For example, if your value is based on your looks, then you’ll feel good if you’re prettier than most women in the room. If you don’t feel prettier, then your self-worth plummets. If your value is based on success, then you’ll measure yourself up against other people who are successful. If you’re at the pinnacle, you’ll feel confident and self-assured. If you don’t measure up, you’ll feel less than and not good enough. In an effort to increase your self-worth (and not feel poorly), you’ll engage in behaviors that reward you for these efforts.

Each archetype is a unique vortex of positive and shadow qualities. You will fall somewhere on the spectrum.

At the crown, you are a very balanced woman. At the base you are out-of-balance. Your journey is to deconstruct the shadow side of your archetype and rise to the crown, layering in the positive attributes of the other archetypes to become a complete woman.

While you may identify with the attributes of all four archetypes, you will have one dominant archetype, which is rooted in how you perceive your self-worth and this is what defines your archetypal consciousness. However, the positive attributes of all four archetypes may resonate with you because it is the personification of these energies makes you a complete woman.

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