For 20 years I've observed the behavior of women. I’ve run thousands of functional medicine tests looking at food sensitivities, hormones, cortisol, neurotransmitters, gut microbiota, mycotoxins, detoxification pathways, and DNA.

You know her…

She’s a woman who oozes magnetism and has a heightened capacity for love. She’s also courageous, grounded, and graceful. But she’s endangered. All too often, this woman has been hijacked by depletion, depression, and an incessant need to do more. Her mind is filled with “you should be further along in your career, you should be spending more time with your children, you should be taking more care of yourself, you should be more creative”. As a distraction, she can fixate on food. The voice transmutes into “why did I just eat that, why can’t I eat what I want, why do I have no willpower?” Her true feminine essence has been looted.

I’ve worked with over 15000 women and they share one common desire; to be at peace. Why do they want to be leaner? To stop that “not-good-enough” noise. Why do they want their digestive issues to go away? To stop that “fear-of-food” noise. Why do they want more energy? To stop that “I’m so depleted” noise.

Peace is the outcome of restoring your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Leaving one out of the picture can look like this, “Whoa, I’m at my ideal weight, but now I’m too scared to eat carbs, drink alcohol, and relax around food.” This is not peace. This is bondage by fear.

My goal is to embolden you.

It’s time for women to take back their nobility. It’s time for them to nourish themselves with food, connection, and the sensual pleasures of life.

My research enabled me to create four archetypes of women – Wonder Woman, Femme Fatale, Nurturer and Ethereal. Through this prism, I create a rebalancing strategy for you. It will incorporate the below tiers:



Physiological Customization


Emotional and Psychological


Energetic Rebalancing