Why Knowing Your Power Source Matters

Dr Taz

How your self-worth (your power source) influences your food behaviors.


How Your Mind Influences Your Physical Body

Facebook Live with Will Cole

Delving into the mind and functional medicine



Free and Natve

Free and Native's Supported Series on Body Image and Weight


How to Tell if You Have a Gluten Sensitivity and Why You Can't be Addicted to Sugar


In this jam-packed podcast, Dana introduces the four archetypes and provides some loose food guidelines for each. From there, the Columbia-trained nutritionist breaks down all the healthy eating trends of today, weeding out fact from fiction. Tune in to hear her take on why sugar is not addictive, how to really tell if you have a gluten sensitivity, why nuts aren't as great as people make them out to be, why you should never fast intermittently if you're stressed, and so, so much more.


How Your Archetype Affects Your Body

Highest Self - Sahara Rose

We know all about the doshas but let’s talk about the archetypes. I sat down with Dana James, author of The Archetype Diet, to talk about her 4 archetypes and their similarities/ differences with the doshas.


The Archetype Diet with Dana James

The Melissa Ambrosini Show

What if we didn’t need harsh diets or crazy exercise regimes to change the shape of our body? What if instead, all we need is to reclaim our self-worth? That’s the message of today’s podcast guest, Dana James — triple certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner and cognitive behavioral therapist… and BOY will her insights blow your mind.


Mapping Self Worth and Eating Behaviors with Dana James

The 15-minute Matrix

he female archetypes, defined by nutritionist Dana James, give insight into patient’s instinctual behaviors regarding diet and lifestyle modification. The archetypes illuminate both a sense of identity and a set of thoughts and behaviors that help us to better understand those we support. Dana brilliantly identifies why subtle dietary differences matter!


Dana James

The Elisa Goodman Show

A conversation between Elisa Goodman and Dana James.


Are You A Femme Fatale or Wonder Woman?

Unscripted with Nell Day

Dana’s come up with a theory that we eat and gain and lose weight according to our archetype: the Femme Fatale, the Superwoman, the Ethereal, or the Nurturer. You can take a test on her website www.danajames.com to figure out which one you are. Her book gives plenty of recipes and tells you what to eat based on your results.


The Archetype Diet, Weight Management, Nutrition and Functional Medicine

The Skinny Confidential- Him and Her Podcast

This week we’re chatting with Dana James. Dana James is a triple certified nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavioral therapist. We talk all things health & wellness, the archetypes of diets and much more.