The Archetype Diet

#1 Best Seller on Amazon in Women’s Health and Eating Disorders.

This book gave me crystal-clear insight into myself that literally TEN years of therapy hasn’t unearthed.— amazon reviewer

Why is it that “life” gets in the way? You can follow a detox (or diet) but inevitably you don’t stick to it. Was it the plan’s fault? Was it too strict? And why are you “dieting” in the first place? You want to be leaner but at the same time, some part of you feels ashamed. Shouldn’t you as a 21st-century woman care more about your work and relationships than the way you look?

As women, we’re bombarded with mixed information from diet to body acceptance. We’re confused, frustrated, and scared that our body is working against us. It’s not. The only flaw is the belief that the answer lies solely in what we eat. It’s part of it. If you truly want to live in a state of balance you’ll need to look at what caused the imbalance in the first place; your mind, your memories and a myriad of hormones.

In The Archetype Diet, James bottles these patterns into four archetypes of women. She explains why you store body fat in the places you do, what to eat (there are big differences between the archetypes) and how to crack the self-worth matrix that says my value as a woman is based on an external factor – looks, success, giving to others and being intuitive.

James has spent the past 20 years studying the complex relationship between food, metabolic issues, and emotions and believes the missing link lies in addressing both the tangible and intangible – food and feelings; science and spirituality; conscious thought and subconscious thought. The Archetype Diet is a rare book that combines all of this.


Praise for The Archetype Diet

It's like someone finally "turned on the light" and I gained a whole new level of understanding of myself, food and self-worth!

— Amazon Reviewer

Of the myriad of clean eating and 'diet' books I've read, this is a huge winner and a welcome relief from the 'one size fits all' mentality. Cannot love this enough!

— Amazon Reviewer

Delicious recipes and a holistic, transformative approach. I understand that not everyone is willing to implement every single piece of advice from Dana but there is something for everyone to benefit from in here. Dana's focus on the mind-body connection and how our emotions and past experiences/memories impact our health is especially important.

— Amazon Reviewer

So informative for anyone who wants to maximize their wellness goals and understand the chemistry of food; Not only for weight management, but overall health. Dana is sensitive to the behaviors we all share and brings to light those we don’t expose which all play a role in our overall nutrition and health. She presents nutrition and the beauty of food as a way of life rather than a quick fix fad diet. This is a really intelligent and enjoyable resource that can be referenced at any time.

— Amazon Reviewer

Love the book, read it and have been following for a few months. Very happy with how I feel physically!

— Amazon Reviewer

I actually enjoyed this quite a bit. I was aware even before reading what type I would probably be, but even then, I found some interesting new tidbits in this book. It's also written with a certain level of clarity and it felt like the author knew what she was talking about. I had read some of the negative reviews and I kind of get where they are coming from - the recipes are very focused on food/lifestyle that you might find in big cities ir in more "with-it" groups,, so if you are looking for exact recipes, this might not be it. But I found new things that felt interesting to me.

— Amazon Reviewer

Are you ready to have aha moments? Are you ready to have greater self-awareness? Are you ready to be a woman of inspiration, magnetism, and vitality?

Then this book is for you.