Body Beautiful Summer Cleanse – Monday July 6th 2015

Oh summer…how I love thee! You fill me with such joy, radiance and life-force. Your exquisite bounty of freshly grown produce. Bright red tomatoes bursting with intensity. Freshly torn basil intoxicating my senses. Grassy olive oil drizzled all over you. Oh how you entice me. But then… so does the rosé…the delicateness of something that’s only imbibed for 3 months of the year. When I’m on it, the rosé is accompanied by a tapas plate of summer-fresh radish, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, avocado, and green olives. When I’m not, it’s berry pie and coconut ice-cream.

I’ve let go of any guilt that accompanies these indulgences (and they are rare these days) but for many of you, this isn’t the case. One bite of something that’s perceived to be ‘bad’ sends you into a rebellious mode with second, third and forth helpings. Then you carry food guilt around for days, puncturing the freedom that summer innately brings. If this is you, it’s time to reprogram the view you have of food. First, start by dissolving the idea that food is good or bad. Bad can feel exciting. A little dangerous. A little mystical. Why would we not want that? And then we eat it.

But if you looked at the food (or your behavior) as effective vs ineffective, then you’re more likely not to engage in weird, compulsive behavior. Who wants to be ineffective?

A small shift in mindset and you can start to change the mind games you play with food. You can become more present. You can inhale the lustiness of summer. You can lose yourself in the music. You can feel the magic of balmy nights. You can see the stars.

On Monday July 6th, I’ll be hosting a 7-day summer cleanse to help you become your magnetic, radiant self and de-program those niggly self-sabotaging thoughts.

The details:

  • Seven day summer cleanse menu to make you vibrant, radiant and luscious
  • Easy recipes for the cleanse
  • No need to skip the coffee or rosé – this is summer after-all!
  • One hour call – Monday July 6th – 7pm EST (call is recorded)
  • Deep discussion into how to not sabotage your summer
  • 20% off Beauti-fuel protein powder
  • $50

Sign-up here. Menu and call details provided upon purchase.