How to Break Your Food Obsession

You can only think one thought at a time.

If you are constantly listening to that villainous voice that seduces you with food, then flagellates you for giving into the temptation, how much space is left in your brain to feel peaceful, meditative, kind, creative and feminine?

What could you do with that extra brain time? You could change the world… or at least be a more relaxed, loving and serene woman.

So, why are so many women plagued with this insistent and cruel inner dialogue?

Can you imagine your man going through this thought process:

“I’ll only have one bite; I’m not that fat; Freddy’s eating it, why can’t I? It’s so unfair; why do I have to diet?”

Then you’d watch him eat it, and once he’d devoured it, another voice would start up:

“You idiot, why did you just do that; I’m so ashamed of myself; I’m never going to lose weight; I screwed up, I may as well finish the packet”.

You’d start thinking about sending him off to a disordered eating clinic before he could think one more psychotic thought. And you might give him a hug.

But as women, we seem to accept the villainous voice even though it’s exhausting and always wrong.

And just like any Disney-esque story, the villain can be killed.

So don your amour, pull out your sword and slay the evil voice.

Here’s an excerpt from my fictional modern day warrior manual:

Step 1: Make the commitment – It could be “no sugar for 30-days”, which means no coconut macaroons, no bites of chocolate, no 2-year old’s birthday cake, no red velvet cupcake because you survived a week. No sugar for 30-days. Period.

Step 2: Up the stakes – If you falter on your goal, give up something you cherish. If you’re a city girl, leaving your favorite heels on the sidewalk for people to pilfer seems to work well. The villainous voice quietens down dramatically.

Step 3: Call out the villain – Call out the villain for what it is. An enslaver. And remind yourself that you have the power.

Step 3: Call on your inner goddess – Use her to silence the villain. She says, “I’m making the rules here buddy. I’m the queen and I’m transcending all of your evil manipulative ways. I’m digging a hole in the dirt – just for you – in you go – goodbye villainous voice”.

End of story. You live happily ever after… unless there’s a sequel, in which the villain returns from the dead. Go to Step 4.

Step 4: Ask if there is any benefit to the villainous voice? Is the villainous voice comforting? If it wasn’t there, would you have to think about emotional voids that you don’t want to address? Is there comfort in the extra weight you might be carrying? Would it feel foreign to you?

If so, start a stream of consciousness and get out your fears on paper, then use tools to release them (meditation and yoga are very helpful) or work with a coach who can get to a deeper level.

Free your mind, reclaim your serenity and go and save the world.


Photo Credit: www.prettystuff.tumblr.com