Cacao, Avocado & Coconut Pudding

Swords were drawn… we both had something to prove.

Me – a GF, DF nutritionist who would be a raw vegan if she didn’t like fish and the occasional steak so much. Him – a talented cook whose culinary skills were acquired from French chefs and butter means better.

It was Saturday night and I was on home-turf. The menu was up to me.  It started with cumin carrots over mixed greens with sunflower seeds, progressed to halibut over a citrus salad and culminated in a cacao, coconut & avocado pudding.

The dessert rocked. The avocado gave the pudding a deep creamy texture and replaced the need for dairy. I could have added a banana or even silken tofu to make it more velvety but neither was necessary. The raw cacao powder provided an intense chocolate flavor and paired with coconut sugar (very low GI) and coconut milk it just melted in your mouth. Adding some cayenne pepper or chili gave it a spicy but subtle bite.

My antagonist put down his sword, bowed and said he had a lot to learn.  And I’m only too happy to teach.

Each serving is about 250 calories.

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  • 1x avocado, peeled and chopped
  • 3 tbl raw cacao powder
  • 1 tbl coconut butter
  • 2 tbl coconut milk
  • 3 tbl coconut sugar or agave
  • pinch Himalayan salt
  • pinch cayenne pepper (optional)
  • To serve – 2 tbl coconut flakes & 1 tsp raw cacao powder


Put all ingredients in a powerful blender such as a Vitamix and blend for 2 minutes. Add more coconut milk if pudding is too thick.

Serve in a mini-bowl topped with raw cacao powder and coconut flakes lightly toasted in a cast iron skillet.

Serves 2