Love and Food – Unity and Duality

Love and food…an emotive topic. How often do you hide from love, only to find yourself eating food for entertainment? How often is food a reward for lack of self-love? Love and food are inherently intwined. As a child, without food you would have died. The same applies to your adult life. Yet many NYC women I consult with are so depleted of love (both self and intimate) that they use food to numb the lack of connection. This is not a conscious choice, but one driven by the visceral pull of the subconscious.

In a city where achievement is power, love is often on the peripheral and erroneously perceived as a distraction from achieving career-focused goals. I’ve sadly listened to women asking for a part-time relationship so they can continue with their work. The outcome: no relationship at all (because what real man wants to be with a woman who has no time for him) and uncontrolled night-time eating. I’ve also witnessed beautiful relationships go ghostly from neglect as both people pursue their individual interests too scared to lose themselves in the relationship. The outcome: junky food in their mouth and on-going disgust with themselves.

This is a hot topic which isn’t resolved by “Five steps to not confusing food with love”. It’s a much deeper journey and one I’ll be exploring in more detail in two upcoming programs:

1. The Love Experience – Urban Detox 19th April 2015 – more details
2. Women, Food and Love at Omega Institute – June 19th – 21st – more details

But in the interim, ask yourself, what type of love is missing in your life? Intimate love and/or self love, noting that self love includes self-trust, self-worth, self-care, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-expression and self-compassion.

Helping woman disentangle the shadow side of love and food so they can transform their relationship with both, is an expanding part of my practice because nothing brings more joy than a deep, intimate connected relationship with yourself and a partner who is a vibrational match to you.

Photo Credit: Stocksy