Woman, Food and Relationships

Love…food…and being a woman. Sometimes it all just works. At other times, it feels hard. Love is non-existent, food is the solace, and being a woman feels exhausting. If these thoughts are infrequent, we can move through them with grace and trust, but if they become a daily imprint it can shunt our life into one of mediocrity, scarcity and sadness.

That’s no way for a luscious woman to live! And deep down you are, even if your true radiance has been buried under doubt and over-domesticity for decades. As women we are being called to rise up and meet our highest potential so we can bring a conscious shift to the world.

That’s why I’m hosting a women’s retreat with my two good friends, Shelly Bullard (love coach) and Christine Young (inspirational coach) called Women, Food & Relationships at the Omega Institute on June 19-21st to help bring that enchanting and peaceful woman back!

Shelly, Christine and I all know what it’s like to struggle with these aspects of our lives. We know what it’s like to feel held-back… but we also know what it’s like to rise.

Each of us has gained wisdom on our paths of personal evolution. Here’s what we’ll collectively offer to you during this retreat:

I’ll help you transform your experience with food into a relationship that is nourishing, kind and compassionate. I’ll discuss how to achieve a feminine body by mastering the art of feminine and masculine food combinations, and I’ll discuss how to eat for your heart and root chakras so you can bring more balancing love into your life.

Shelly will guide you to understand that all relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. She’ll show you how to truly embrace the magnificence and beauty of your True Self, so you can create incredibly fulfilling relationships from the inside-out.

Christine Young will present a systemic process to help you attain a clear authentic vision for yourself, design goals, and create an action plan to follow through, so you can sustain your new reality. She’ll show you how to overcome obstacles and trust yourself, so you can show up for YOU.

An intense but fun weekend! Christine, Shelly, and myself hear the call to help you re-discover your beauty and peel off the heartache and distrust that stops you from fully embracing a rich and vibrant life. We’d be honored to have you join us for this deep, inspiring, transformative weekend.

Dates: June 19 – 21, 2015
Location: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Cost – $395 + accommodation
For full details & to join us, click here.