Embracing Your Muse

The muse….

She comes from an awakening. She’s not born as the muse, but is a conscious choice to be the muse. She’s luscious, playful, serene, compassionate, intuitive, grounded, assertive, courageous and fearless. She’s in harmony with the natural rhythm of life. She doesn’t compromise her integrity by denying her feelings or indulging in them. She requires little validation because she knows her true self. She has humility. She makes everything beautiful. And she can awaken the beauty in others.

If you’ve been following me on instagram (danajames) you’ll know that I’ve been in Malibu writing chapters for my upcoming book. The Muse is one of my female archetypes. While I can’t give too much away just yet, I briefly chat to Tina Christie on “Lifestyle is the New Medicine” summit about the Muse and how to embrace her. My video became available today and will play for the next 48 hours.

The summit has other incredible speakers, including Leah Lund, who is a Neuro-nutriton specialist. I was utterly impressed with her lecture (and I’m very discerning)! She talks about the how your behaviors around food are indicative of what neuochemicals are out of balance. I test, but thought this was ingenious and would see if my client’s behavior matched their brain chemistry imbalance as per their test results.

Other speakers include Alejandro Junger MD on the microbiome, Deanna Minich on genomics and the lifestyle blueprint, Terri Cole on self-care and mindfulness, Deborah Rozman on living from our heart’s intelligence, and many more! All videos reply for 72 hours from May 19-21st so sign-up for this incredible line-up of speakers! Click here.

I’ll also be talking more about the Muse and how to embrace her at the Woman, Food and Relationship workshop at the Omega Institute on June 19-21st, 2015. Please join me live for that! More details here!

If you’re still struggling with sugar, my ‘How to Ditch Sugar” video course, produced by mindbodygreen, is 30% off for the next 24 hours, making it $48 (super cheap for this level of transformation). Check out the trailer here.