Fennel Citrus Salad

Enjoy my fennel-citrus salad. Fennel is incredible for digestive imbalances and helps to improve bad breath. If you are hooked on fall recipes and enjoy apples as much as I do, please check out my favorite apple recipes.

Bon appetit!

Written by Miriam Jacobson, Food Coach Nutrition Associate

Photo Credit: Miriam Jacobson


1 fennel bulb, shredded

1 tsp orange zest

2 tbsp orange juice

1 apple, diced

2 c lacinato kale, deveined and chopped

½ c kalmata olives, pitted

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt

Cracked pepper


Combine fennel, orange and orange zest and set aside for 5 minutes. Massage kale with a drizzle of EVOO and combine with apple and olives. Toss fennel and orange combination with greens. Add sea salt and pepper, to taste. Delicious combined with rotisserie chicken.