Six Week Cleanse Program

On Sept 24th we are starting our six-week cleanse program. We’ve run it twice this year and it has been incredibly successful. We got rid of toxic foods and toxic thoughts. We made raw food goodies and meditated our way through nutrition challenges.  We lost fat, re-gained energy and solved our digestive issues.  We killed sugar cravings and lost our obsession with food. We supported and encouraged each other.  We even got a little competitive.  We felt really, really good.

We are running the program at 9am and 7pm every Monday for 6 weeks starting on Sept 24th. Please join us for our playful six-week cleanse program.

Here’s a sample detox day for you to start right now:

Upon waking: Hot lemon water with a dash of cayenne pepper

Breakfast: Green smoothie with almond milk, kale, banana, ice and cinnamon

Snack: Flax-seed crackers with zucchini hummus

Lunch: Kale salad with avocado, red onion, sunflower seeds, cannelloni beans and smoked trout

Snack: Watermelon juice

Dinner: Organic greens with French radish and avocado dressed in a French vinaigrette and  served with wild salmon

After dinner: Rose and camomile tea with raw honey


Photo Credit: Dana James