Cucumber Juice with a Splash of Lime

Sometimes we need to ignore rational thought and listen to our intuition. Mine was telling me to buy a juicer. I know… Manhattan apartments can’t house a teaspoon, but I was tired of the ubiquitous pre-packaged green juices. Most have too much apple or oxidize after a day. Custom juice blends aren’t any better as the juice mixologists don’t seem to understand the subtleties of ginger, lemon, parsley or mint.

But which juicer was best – the centrifugal, masticating or twin gear? Disregard it all and buy a basic juicer. If you like juicing, then upgrade. I spent $99 on the Jack La Lanne Pro-Juicer from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s a rock-star. It takes less than 10 seconds to make a juice; is so quiet that I could surprise a sleep-over guest with a morning juice; looks pretty on my kitchen counter and is almost self-cleaning. My Vitamix may get a little jealous.

I can now have a green juice whenever I want. I love the simplicity of cucumber juice. Pour it over ice and voila, an alkalizing, re-energizing and re-hydrating green juice. Cucumbers are 96% water and are loaded with potassium, Vitamin C and silica. All skin beautifying nutrients. Ideal post-flight or post-vino imbibing. At Organic Avenue, a cucumber juice will cost $12. Six cucumbers from Eataly cost me 86 cents. Perhaps they priced them incorrectly but either way I’ll be back tomorrow!

I prefer to make my juice in the evening. I have more time, the cleaning is surprisingly therapeutic and if I get a sugar craving, I can have shots of cucumber juice. I really works! I pour the juice into a Mr Juice Jar and drink it following morning (with my probiotic).

My dear friend Dorothee Brand helped take this photo – she was teaching me how to better use my camera. Her work is beautiful. I love the moodiness of this shot. Sadly, the ice had melted by the time this photo has taken.

Photo Credit: Dorothee Brand


  • 3 x organic cucumbers
  • juice of half lime (optional)
  • ice


If the cucumbers are organic, keep the skin on.  If not, peel them.  Add to the juicer.  Pour cucumber juice over ice and add a squeeze of lime.  Drink up!