Radish and Apple Salad

Goals and intentions are important – they create a vision and can motivate our journey but they are not a means to an end. We want to be open to shifting our goals as new experiences and challenges arise. Usually the process is where the difficult moments live but if we can find stillness and learn to appreciate the uncomfortable moments, transformation is born.

This applies to both big life events like planning a wedding or even grieving the loss of a friend, or in smaller moments like waiting for the arrival of summer. Pause and ask yourself – how are you showing up for yourself and are you relishing in the present moment or waiting for the end result?

This recipe celebrates spring vegetables – for me it is a reminder to find beauty and meaning within those transitions and a reminder to enjoy the process. The radishes contain isothiocyanates that supply the body’s largest antioxidant glutathione, the apples contain quercitin that is an anti-inflammatory polyphenol and the monounsaturated fats in avocado stabilize cell membranes – a vibrant meal for a vibrant body and mind.


Written by Miriam Jacobson, the Food Coach nutrition associate

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Photo Credit: Stocksy


2x persian cucumbers, sliced

½ avocado, cubed

lemon juice

3x radishes, sliced or cut into matchsticks

½ apple, cut into matchsticks



Squeeze lemon juice on the avocado and apple to preserve their color and beneficial antioxidants. Plate the vegetables in order – top the cucumbers and avocado with radishes and apples. Top with cilantro and enjoy!