Zucchini pasta with Vegan Pesto

I cherish my weekends – an opportunity to leave behind stress of the week, find solace in the quiet hours, and sleep in! But I do wonder – do I wish the time away and live for the weekends? For me this past week was filled with a long ‘to-do’ list with what seemed like not enough hours. As the pressure built, I encouraged myself to listen to my inner yogi. I took space, meditated and set an intention – to become present and infuse even the most ordinary chores with love. This small shift in my mind changed my experience – commuting on the subway became an opportunity for me to read my novel, the long hours of studying for my masters courses became an expansion of knowledge, and finding lunch became a celebration of self-care by cooking a beautiful and nourishing meal. The dialogue you use with yourself can truly transform your experience.

Zucchini pasta was the perfect choice for this week– it’s beautiful, nourishing and takes a mere 7 minutes to create. You’ll need a spiralizer to create the pasta – a fantastic tool for the salad lover or recovering pasta-addict. It is best to make the pasta immediately before serving. Bon appétit!

Written by Miriam Jacobson, the Food Coach Nutrition Associate

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Photo Credit: Stocksy


2x zucchinis, spiralized

¼ fennel, shaved with a mandolin or thinly with a knife

½ cup snap peas, sliced lengthwise

2x radishes shaved with a mandolin or thinly with a knife

1/3 c pumpkin seeds

2 tbsp vegan pesto

Smoked salmon – optional


Toss together spiralized zucchini, fennel, snap peas and radishes. Toss mixture with vegan pesto and then top with pumpkin seeds. Feel free to add some smoked salmon for a more satiating meal.