Seared Ahi Salad

Written by Miriam Jacobson, the Food Coach Nutrition Associate

As a native New Yorker the fast paced rhythm of living in the city seems natural. But … once in a while I make a point to create space from the hustle and reconnect with what I am so dearly lacking here. Last week reprieve came in the form of a small Hawaiian Island with no traffic lights or street lamps, and even limited in stores and restaurants. The trade off? A beautiful thing called silence and the ability to reconnect with nature. The locals strive to live in peace and live off of the land – and while there, we celebrated the same sentiments. Every day we would pick up fresh food from the farms, grass fed beef from the livestock cooperative and freshly caught fish from local fishermen – really how I would love to live every day.

This week’s recipe is a green summer salad with seared Ahi tuna. Perhaps it was because it was freshly caught or maybe because we had to work so hard for it (and by ‘we’ I mean my boyfriend figured out how to gut the poor thing), but it was some of the best fish I have ever enjoyed. Although tuna has a bad rep for its high mercury content, it is also contains incredibly high concentration of selenium that helps bind to and counteract heavy metals. If still unnerved by the mercury content, find a smaller fish which will contain lower amounts – best choices are Ahi or Aka while larger options include Albacore and large Yellowfin. Pairing with cilantro also helps to chelate heavy metals. The selenium also helps to boost liver detoxification and activate thyroid hormone to boost the metabolism. For best results buy sashimi grade and sear on medium heat for 10 seconds per side. Bon Appetit!


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Ahi tuna filet

Lacinato Kale, deveined and roughly chopped

Radishes, sliced

Green beans, sliced into ½ inch pieces

Avocado, sliced

Scallions, minced

Garlic scapes, minced

Cilantro, chopped

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea salt

Black pepper


Lightly drizzle the kale with EVOO and massage until kale turns a vibrant green. Layer the green beans and radishes and avocado. Top the salad with scallions, garlic scapes, cilantro, sea salt and pepper to taste. On a medium-heat grill or stove-top sear the tuna for 10 seconds per side. Serve alongside the salad and enjoy!