Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Written by Miriam Jacobson, the Food Coach Nutrition Associate

I am having a love affair with summer – her warmth promises freedom, limitless light and joy. Can this all be attributed to a season? Probably not. But the empty streets and slower pace in NY during these late August weeks remind me that we all need a bit of space once in a while. Creating space does not necessarily mean taking an extravagant vacation or beach weekend, but rather dedicating a day, hour or even minute to yourself to rest and reflect. Space showed up for me this week in the form of a head cold. After quarantining myself, I realized my body was telling me to slow down. I decided to relish in this new pace of day naps and trashy novels. Sometimes there’s power in doing nothing at all.

Whatever you choose to do in the last ‘official’ week of summer, perhaps try this watermelon smoothie to match. A recipe is barely needed because the steps are so simple – combine and blend, but the results are beyond impressive. Watermelon provides ample lycopene, a protective antioxidant essential for cellular functioning and protects the skin from UV exposure making it the ideal fruit for late summer. Share leftovers with friends. Drink up and Enjoy!


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Photo Credit: Miriam Jacobson


3 cup watermelon

1 cup of coconut water

4 sprigs of mint, leaves removed

Juice of 1/2 lemon



Combine and blend for 45-60 seconds. Enjoy!