Winter Rejuvenation Macro Bowl

February in New York is brutal – between the relentless snow and frigid (yes – single digit) temperatures, we are in desperate need of warmth and renewal. I found rejuvenation and nourishment this week in the form of a self-love Valentines Day celebration filled with yoga, a spiritual cleanse and a body melting massage followed by this beautiful macro bowl.

It is the perfect time of year for the macro bowl. While it calls for liver-cleansing winter vegetables like kale and cauliflower, it also summons spring with sprouted mung beans. Mung bean sprouts are an incredible source of energy and vitality – they are beneficial to the gallbladder, stimulating detoxification and also improving circulation. They are better digested than other legumes because of their higher enzyme content. Enjoy the many flavors and textures of the macro bowl. Bon appétit!


Written by Miriam Jacobson – the Food Coach Nutrition Associate. Miriam is also available for consultation.


Per Bowl

2 kale leaves, deveined and shredded

¾ c cauliflower florets

garlic powder

sea salt

cracked black pepper

¼ c mung bean sprouts, rehydrated or cooked*

¼ avocado, thinly sliced

1 purple carrot, peeled and shredded

olive oil

3 oz chicken breast (optional), grilled or sautéed lightly

cilantro, for garnish


Steam cauliflower florets until tender in a microwave or on stovetop. Meanwhile massage shredded kale with a drizzle of olive oil and place in bowl. Toss with garlic powder, sea salt and pepper. Arrange steamed cauliflower, mung beans and chicken (optional) on plate with shredded carrots, avocado and garnish with cilantro. Enjoy!


*To preserve enzyme function and vitality of the sprouted mung beans, keep them raw by rehydrating them for 2 hours in water. If in a time crunch, cook for 5 minutes on stovetop and let sit covered for an additional 5 minutes.